Neurofeedback Tools

Data Visualization Tools for the Neurofeedback Professional

Our premier offering is the LORETA Progress Report application, available on our downloads page.
The LORETA Progress Report application helps consolidate and simplify the Z-Score LORETA information generated by the NeuroGuide™ application from Applied Neuroscience The application reports provide a convenient opportunity to examine differences in Brodmann area values from session to session. Please be aware LPR is only a reporting tool and does not suggest or imply any training methodologies.

Why LPR?

1 In-Depth Analysis

LPR gives you data visualizations and symptom correlations so you can draw conclusions from your results with greater reliability and accuracy. With LPR you can easily save and compare results from multiple client sessions — so you can get a clear idea of what's working and what's not. And the visualizations make it easy for you to pass this valuable information along to your clients.

2 Be More Productive

LPR automates the tedious and repetitive computational tasks so you can stay focused on the big picture and become a more productive practitioner.

3 Start Up in No Time

LPR offers an unbeatable tool-set right from the first start. After the straightforward installation steps, just input basic client information and LORETA session data — you get a full analysis without any further configuration.

What's New in LPR Basic?

Excel is no longer used — for presentation or as a data source.

Codebase is in C# — The application is now written entirely in C# to take advantage of larger data sets, memory management enhancements, multicore processors, and improved graphics capabilities.

SQL database — for increased speed as well as better-organized data.

Professional charting and math libraries — incorporated to increase speed and improve presentation.

Utilizes high-end graphics adaptors — the application automatically recognizes and makes use of high-end graphics adaptors if present.

Standardized installation — the application is now installed and uninstalled as a typical Windows application.

Yahoo Users Group — request access via email to

LPR Basic is currently in its initial release!